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The Same Week Eli Lilly Lost $15 Billion from One Tweet, I Nearly Flew to Paris to Buy Drugs

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It's Never Too Late to Write That Novel

The Menopause Disruptor

Pay $6100 or Endure 18 1/2 Minutes of Torture?

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New Dementia Prevention

Being Heard, Believed, Not Killed

Yom Kippur Clafoutis

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Finland Just Declared War (on gendered parental leave)

Racy Macy

Reconnecting as a Daughter, Letting Go as a Parent

Science Says Social Media is Killing Your Sex Life


Op-Ed in Today's Daily Beast

One Year Ago Today

Family Secrets, Plural

Radio Silence

New NAMS Position Statement Promotes Hormone Therapy for Those Under 60 & Within 10 Years of the Onset of Menopause

Good Vibrations, Bad Virus

Psst! Covid Can Cause Hearing Loss, Pass It On

Summer of Rage

H is Not a Scarlet Letter

Tad Friend on Fathers and Sons, Husbands and Wives, and Surviving Infidelity

No One is Studying our Ladyparts

The Great Horseshoe Crab Massacre

Post No Evil

Estrogen and Covid-19 Mortality

Walking While Woman

For All the Single Mothers on Mother's Day

WTF, Conservative Men?

Ask a Divorce Lawyer: The Value of Art

Ask a Divorce Lawyer

Ageism Part III: Getting Hired

Olive Oil Can Save Your Life

Yes, Virginia, There Is Female Viagra

Am I Anxious or Just Hangry & Tired?

Ex-Boyfriend Thai Curry

Ageism Part II: Getting Fired

Ageism, Part I: Hate Speech

Leave #WestElmCaleb Alone

The $148 Hack for a Pain-Free Back